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About Alex

Sr. Product Manager - Head of Websites and Identity Products at Vistaprint

Alex Mitchell

I am passionate about creating and growing powerful web and mobile products that make a significant impact in millions of people's lives. I enjoy building and managing the product and development teams that help achieve that goal.

Currently, I work for Vistaprint as the Head of Websites and Identity Products (also includes Domains and Email Hosting). In this role, I manage 3 Agile development teams across 3 different locations (DC, Boston, Tunisia), totaling 15 developers. I manage 2 of these teams directly and manage a PM who works with the 3rd.


Alex's Product Portfolio

Productized Conference Speaker

Keynote speaker at October 2016 Productized Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Spoke on the lifecycle of product development including: Product Discovery, Prototyping, Building, and Launching.

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Vistaprint Website Builder "Tower"

Product Lead on Vistaprint's latest website builder, code named "Tower". While managing this product, I increased NPS by 40 points, publish rate by 30%, and decreased first month churn by 20% with the help of my team. 

We launched this builder to 100% in US, UK, and CA in late September 2016 and conducted a multi-channel marketing campaign in October 2016.  Since then, we've focused on further improving churn, integrating the product more deeply with the print side of the business, and releasing to more locales.

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Building Digital Products

In December 2015, I released my first book: Building Digital Products. Building Digital Products is designed for the new product owner who feels in way over their head, the experienced product owner looking to step up his or her game, and the expert product owner who understands that there is always more to learn.

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Webs and Vistaprint A/B Testing

Designed, Launched, and Analyzed 71 Site Design, Product, Positioning, and Price Optimization Tests from 2014-2016 resulting in $6.1MM Incremental Annual Lifetime Value (LTV) for Vistaprint, Webs, and Pagemodo.

Vistaprint Digital Micro-service Team

Led the Vistaprint Digital Micro-service team, developing a new payments, account management, and billing infrastructure for our products. 

Vistaprint and Pagemodo Social Media Marketing

Improved the Pagemodo and Vistaprint Social Media Marketing products with a more intuitive onboarding flow and launched "Facebook Ads Made Simple", empowering small businesses to design, target, and track Facebook Ad campaigns quickly and easily.

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Vistaprint and Pagemodo SMM iOS Apps

Released the first Vistaprint-branded iOS app, creating a foundation for a Vistaprint app strategy, ranking #1 for "Vistaprint" searches and generating >2k downloads/week.  App Details: Find, post, and schedule content to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all in one place. Share while you browse, or schedule content to keep your followers engaged day and night. 

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Vistaprint and Webs Local Listings

Rebuilt and expanded the Local Listings product on Vistaprint to the EU market, increasing bookings by over 30%. Additionally, increased NPS for Local Listings by 60 points from -30 to +30.

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MVPConf Speaker

Led two round-table sessions at MVPConf on 5/19/15 on the "The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Product Owner"

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Built new Webs experience through a partnership with Google to release the then new Top Level Domain, targeted to the US Hispanic population.

Webs Referral Program

Launched the Webs Referral program to grow the viral channel of the Webs sitebuilding platform and provide Free and Paid Webs users an incentive to invite their friends to Webs.

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What is Alex doing now?

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